The Pros and Cons of Working with a Recruiter

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The Pros and Cons of Working with a Recruiter

When you’re looking to fill an open position at your business, the process of hiring a new employee can be complicated and time-consuming. Should you hire a recruiter?

The Pros of Working with a Recruiter

A recruiter helps you save valuable time

The hiring process includes many steps, from placing the initial job posting to conducting interviews. When you are running a small company, it can be difficult to oversee the hiring process while still attending to the other needs of your business. A recruiter can take many of the tasks associated with hiring off your plate. By helping with aspects like writing the job description, posting the position opening online, and screening applications, a recruiter handles many of the initial steps of the hiring process, allowing you to focus on other important areas of your business.

You’ll get the best possible candidates

Your recruiter will be familiar with your needs and wants, and will have in-depth knowledge of the job description, your policies on benefits and vacation time, and other important details. They know what you are looking for—and what you’re offering to potential employees—and will weed out candidates who would not be a good fit for the good. By screening applicants, a recruiter is able to provide you with the only the best candidates for the position. This saves you for having to sit through disappointing interviews with uninterested or unqualified candidates, and ensures that you will have a great pool of applicants to choose from when you are ready to start doing interviews.

A recruiter has specialized knowledge that can help you

Recruiters have specialized, deep knowledge of hiring within certain industries, roles, or job levels, and a recruitment agency can match you with a recruiter with the skillset and knowledge that your business needs. They will understand the job market within your industry, and can be a valuable connect and resource for you throughout the hiring process.

The Cons of Working with a Recruiter

It can be expensive

Using a recruiter can be expensive; in general, recruitment agencies’ fees are around 20 to 30% of your new employee’s annual salary. If you are looking to fill a complex or hard-to-fill role, the costs may be even higher. While using a recruiter does free up valuable time, it’s worth considering if it is worth the expense.

You may miss out on some candidates

A recruiter will screen through applicants and only provide you what the best matches, but this means you could potentially miss out on an ideal candidate. For example, an applicant may not quite have the right experience for the position, but be very enthusiastic about your company and willing to learn. If you interviewed them yourself, you might be impressed by their passion and decide to take a chance on them, but they might immediately be passed over by a recruiter who only sees their resume. It is important to ask yourself what exactly you are looking for before you work with a recruiter. Do you want someone who meets all the qualifications, or someone who might be slightly under-qualified but fits perfectly with your personality and company culture?

Your best candidates may be applying elsewhere

In many cases, a recruiter may match a potential employee with various companies. This means that applicants may not just be interested in your company, and could be interviewing for other jobs within your industry. They may receive competing offers, and you could lose out on the chance to hire your ideal employee.

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