4 Tips for Improving Your Follow-Up Skills

Four Tips for Improving Your Follow-Up Skills

Even if you’ve just delivered your best sales pitch yet, your work is far from over. To secure a great sale—and to create lasting relationships with your clients—your follow-up is just as important as your sales pitch. If you’re looking to improve your follow-up skills, here are a few tips to help you finalize your next sale.

Communicate in the way that’s best for your potential client

At the end of your pitch, be proactive and ask your potential client about their preferred follow-up methods. Find out if they prefer to be contacted via phone call, text, or email. This shows that you care about their needs and their time, and that you will take their preferences into account during your follow-up. It also ensures that you are more likely to reach them, and will not waste your time—and your potential client’s time— by calling someone who only responds to emails.

Keep your potential client’s needs in mind

When following-up with a perspective client, continue to keep their needs in mind. Focus on how you can help them, and ask if they have any further questions or if there is anything you can provide. Treat it as a check-in with your client, rather than a chance to nail down the sale, and make it all about their needs and how you can help address them. This will make your client feel like you have their best interest at heart, and helps establish a productive-but-comfortable relationship.

Make sure your potential client knows that the line of communication is always open

Similarly, make sure your perspective client knows that you are willing to listen, communicate, and help. Be there to answer any questions they might have, and provide any additional resources that might help them. By doing this, you build trust and rapport with your potential client, and when it is time to for the next steps, an open line of communication will make it easier to secure your sale.

Always be clear about the next steps

Whenever you finish a conversation with your potential client, be clear about the next steps of your relationship. If the next step is another call or meeting, schedule it right there while you’re both together, so you can ensure you pick a date, time, and communications method that is best for them. Or if you are providing them with additional information, set up a time to go over everything and address any new questions or concerns. Don’t let your conversation end on a vague note, as this could make it more difficult to reopen the line of communication later.

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