Five Tips to Make New Employees Feel Welcome

Boss shaking hand of young shy woman congratulating successful employee with promotion

When a recently-hired employee shows up at your business for their first day of work, it’s not just a chance for them to show off the winning personality and great work ethic that got them hired—it’s also your chance to assure them that they made the right choice by accepting your offer. With these five tips for making a new employee feel welcome, get everything off to a successful start and show your new employee that you’re committed to their happiness and growth.

Give them a tour of the office and a chance to meet the team

When you have a new employee, make sure they are well-acquainted with their surroundings. This includes any important areas or facilities, including the bathrooms, copy machines and other equipment, where they can go to find extra supplies, and of course, the break room or other employee common areas. While taking them around your business, be sure to introduce them to their fellow coworkers. Even though they might not immediately memorize all the names and faces of their new peers, being introduced to their coworkers will help a new employee feel like they’re already part of the team. If there are specific coworkers who your new employee will be working closely with, make sure they are introduced right away.

Have their new workspace ready to go

Before your new employee arrives for their first day, make sure they’ll have all the tools and equipment they need to do their job. This might include setting up a computer and phone for them to use, cleaning out an old office, or simply just providing them with the basics. Whatever they need, make sure it’s all ready for use before they arrive, so that they can get to work without any unnecessary delays.

Give them work right away

Along with providing all the workspace tools your new employee will need on their first day, have tasks that they can get started on during their first day at your business. It can be disappointing for a new employee when they arrive ready to work, then find themselves sitting around waiting for their first task. Even if it’s a simple task or a lighter workload than they can expect in the future, make sure your new employee has something to do on the first day. This allows them to feel productive and fulfilled from the start, and gives them a chance to show off the skills that you hired them for in the first place.

Be patient and available

A new employee is likely to have many questions. Even if they’re an expert in their field, your business and its everyday dealing will still be new to them, and they might need help or guidance in their first days and weeks with your business. Make yourself available to new employees, or ensure they have a supervisor or fellow employee that they can approach with any questions or problems. Additionally, be patient with new employees as they get their bearings with your business.


On a new employee’s first few days with your business, check in to see how they’re adjusting to their new role and tasks. You might want to stop by their office at the end of the day to see who they’re doing and offer any assistance, or might even consider taking them out to lunch sometime during their first week to make sure they’re feeling fully welcomed into your business.

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