The Newest Hiring and Recruiting Trends

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In the past few years, businesses of all kinds have been impacted by worldwide issues like the COVID-19 pandemic, labor shortages, and global supply change delays. Issues like these have prompted business owners to embrace new trends, especially when it comes to hiring and recruiting practices. To make sure your business and managers are up-to-date on new trends and the best practices for recruiting and hiring great new talent, learn more about some of these recent trends.

Going Virtual, at Every Stage of the Process

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses shifted to a virtual model to protect their employees from illness exposure. However, many employees found they enjoyed the flexibility and comfort of working from home, and many businesses have now gone fully virtually or embraced a hybrid schedule, which combines in-office and virtual work. This love for virtual working has also impacted the hiring and recruiting process, as many potential employees now prefer virtual interviews over in-person interviews. This means that business owners or managers may be getting to know their potential employees over the phone or through software like Zoom, especially if the interview is for a remote position.

A Focus on Health

Now more than ever, employees want a job where they can earn robust, dependable health insurance for themselves and their families. While considering a move to a new company, health insurance and other benefits will likely be something they prioritize, and companies with lacking options might lose out on new talent—or even struggle to retain their current employees. To keep up with current trends, employers might consider revisiting their benefits packages to find new ways to prioritize the health, wellness, and safety of their employees. To stand out even more in a competitive labor market, business owners might also offer additional health-focused perks, like extra sick days or a business-wide wellness program.

New Stances on Safety

Similarly, prospective employees are placing a higher emphasis on safe, healthy workplaces. Due to ever-changing regulations and especially the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses been encouraged and required to make many safety and health changes, ranging from vaccine mandates to new guidelines for cleaning and ventilation. To protect their own health, potential employees may gravitate toward businesses with excellent health and safety practices, or may have questions about the standards of a workplace.

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