How To Use Great Benefits to Boost Your Brand

Multiple, diverse coworkers, in a meeting room environment

You want to put your best foot forward when trying to attract new talent. This is called employer branding, or the practice of positively showcasing your company’s perks and culture to attract new employees and retain current ones. If you’re ready to improve your employer branding, one way to start is by improving your benefits […]

4 Tips for Successful Performance Reviews

Closeup of an employee performance evaluation form

Whether you want to discuss an employee’s recent issues or praise them for their hard work, a performance review is your opportunity! A performance review is a feedback-focused conversation between an employee and their manager, supervisor, or the owner of the business. While it’s a valuable way for both sides to express their thoughts, concerns, […]

3 Tools for Monitoring and Managing Your Remote Employees

A woman, in front of her computer, while in a video call

Are my employees staying productive? Is their workload too heavy too light? How do I know if someone is struggling? If you’re a business owner, manager, or supervisor with remote employees, you might find yourself asking questions like these! While allowing employees to work from home has many benefits, it can also lead to a […]

The Newest Hiring and Recruiting Trends

A man, in a video call, with some documents in his hands

In the past few years, businesses of all kinds have been impacted by worldwide issues like the COVID-19 pandemic, labor shortages, and global supply change delays. Issues like these have prompted business owners to embrace new trends, especially when it comes to hiring and recruiting practices. To make sure your business and managers are up-to-date […]

The Benefits of Automated Timekeeping

Collage of a woman typing on her laptop and a overlay of a clock

When it comes to keeping track of the hours your team members work, letting them clock in and out themselves might seem like the easiest solution. But when your employees have to manually clock in and out, it can lead to a plethora of issues, including accidental time theft, payroll inaccuracies, and even safety issues […]

The Four Steps for Workplace Injury Reporting

A man, assisting another man that had fallen

Imagine this scenario: your employee bends to pick up a heavy box and feels a twinge in their back. He is able to continue working without any major pain, assumes that he isn’t injured, and doesn’t say anything to his supervisor about the pain. But then a few days later, he starts experiencing severe back […]

Basics Tips for Preventing Workplace Back Injuries

A construction worker with back pain

As a business owner or manager, have you ever had to deal with a back injury at work? There’s a good chance you have—according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, back injuries account for one out of every five work-related injuries. Back injuries can occur across a wide variety of industries, from construction […]

3 Key Areas to Consider for Getting the Most from Employee Background Checks

Two men in the middle of an interview on an office environment

When you’re getting ready to add a new employee to your team, you want to ensure they’re the best possible fit. One way to do this is background screening, which examines areas such as: Previous employment Education Criminal record Financial records Driving history But while you may be looking at common areas like these to […]

Are You Offering the Benefits Your Employees Really Want?

A woman with her dog in front of a computer

For business owners, perks and benefits play a huge role in supporting, retaining, and appreciating employees. But while most companies offer health insurance packages and retirement plans like a 401(k), many overlook the perks they’re employees really want. To better retain and support your employees and set yourself apart from your competitors, consider these unique […]

Become a Better Listener with These 4 Simple Tips

Two women chatting

When you’re leading a business or in charge of a team, good communication is an essential foundation of success. However, communication with your employees isn’t just about assigning tasks or giving orders, even when you’re the boss. It’s also about listening! By listening to your team members, you show appreciation, learn about issues, and improve […]