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After an Injury, How Do Employees Get Paid?

“If I’m part of a return-to-work program after an injury, how will I get paid?” If you’re a business owner with an injured employee, this is likely a question you’ll hear. If an employee is injured on the job, here’s what you need to know. After a work-related injury, you will be required to pay your injured employees according to your state’s Workers’ Compensation statutes, along with any applicable federal statutes. Workers’ Compensation varies by state, so it’s important to check all the details and stay up-to-date on any policy changes. Additionally, you will have to comply with your company’s human resources policies. While the specifics may vary by state

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Three Tips for Safe Loading Docks

Don’t let accidents at the working dock get in the way of a successful workday! If you’re in an industry like warehousing or transportation where your employees frequently use a loading dock, always remember these three tips for promoting loading dock safety. Use the Right Equipment When it comes to loading docks, safety starts with your employees. To avoid an injury, make sure they show up with all the right personal protective equipment. Proper equipment can vary depending on the job environment, but some common types of safety equipment include: Gloves Steel-toed boots Grip soles Earmuffs Earplugs Keep the Area Clean As an employer, you can also take steps to

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How To Use Great Benefits to Boost Your Brand

You want to put your best foot forward when trying to attract new talent. This is called employer branding, or the practice of positively showcasing your company’s perks and culture to attract new employees and retain current ones. If you’re ready to improve your employer branding, one way to start is by improving your benefits offerings for your employees.  The Importance of Robust Benefits In today’s crowded and competitive market, great employee benefits are more important than ever. Employees crave benefits packages that go above and beyond the basics, especially when it comes to health and wellness-related benefits. For example, employees want robust health, vision, and dental benefits, plus extra

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Closeup of an employee performance evaluation form

4 Tips for Successful Performance Reviews

Whether you want to discuss an employee’s recent issues or praise them for their hard work, a performance review is your opportunity! A performance review is a feedback-focused conversation between an employee and their manager, supervisor, or the owner of the business. While it’s a valuable way for both sides to express their thoughts, concerns, and ideas, performance reviews can also be nerve-wracking, especially for the employee. To make sure your next performance review is comfortable and productive, consider these tips for preparing for a successful meeting. Gather Your Data To get ready for an employee’s performance review, the easiest thing you can do is gather any data or records

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Using Employee Value Proposition To Motivate Your Team

Using Employee Value Proposition To Motivate Your Team If an employee is rewarded and praised for doing a good job, they’re more likely to do a good job again! This is the principal behind the employee value proposition, which shows how employees could use rewards and perks to motivate their employees, increase productivity, and create a supportive company culture. What is EVP? Employee value proposition (EVP) is a set of benefits or other offerings that a business provides to their employees in exchange for the skills the employee brings to the business. For example, a business that offers a competitive salary, growth opportunities, and a supportive work environment will likely

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Learning Three Major Signs of Employee Burnout

Learning Three Major Signs of Employee Burnout Are your employees suffering from burnout? Burnout occurs when employees suffer from intense job-related stress and exhaustion. For employees, burnout can lead to mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Their employers may see a drop in their productivity or performance. Since employee burnout effects everyone, it’s important for business owners to know these three signs of burnout. Burnout Sign #1: Disengagement One of the biggest, most commons signs of employee burnout is disengagement. An employee suffering from burnout may suddenly begin skipping meetings, avoiding calls and emails, or taking a step back from new projects.  If a usually-engaged employee seems like they’re

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