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Are You Offering the Benefits Your Employees Really Want?

For business owners, perks and benefits play a huge role in supporting, retaining, and appreciating employees. But while most companies offer health insurance packages and retirement plans like a 401(k), many overlook the perks they’re employees really want. To better retain and support your employees and set yourself apart from your competitors, consider these unique perks. Flexible Scheduling Even your most devoted team members can have sudden issues come up. For example, they may be the sole caretaker for their family and need to stay home to care for a sick child, or need to take an elderly parent to the hospital. Other times, an employee may prefer to work

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Become a Better Listener with These 4 Simple Tips

When you’re leading a business or in charge of a team, good communication is an essential foundation of success. However, communication with your employees isn’t just about assigning tasks or giving orders, even when you’re the boss. It’s also about listening! By listening to your team members, you show appreciation, learn about issues, and improve your relationships. To strengthen your communication skills, check out these four tips for becoming a better listener. The Importance of Eye Contact One simple way to improve your listening skills is to focus on eye contact. When you’re talking to someone, do you look directly at them, or are you busy on your phone or

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What You Need to Know About Pregnant Team Members

As a business owner or team manager, you may encounter pregnant employees who need health-related accommodations and time off for the birth of their new baby. To make sure you meet the needs of your pregnant employee, here are three things to consider. Providing the Necessary Time Off Pregnant employees can get the time off they need is through the Family and Medical Leave Act, or FMLA. Under FMLA, pregnant employees can receive up to 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave. This time off can be used after the birth to care for the new baby, or can be used for pregnancy-related medical issues. Employees who adopt or foster a

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Three Areas to Consider for Improving Company Culture

Three Areas to Consider when Improving Company Culture When you create a positive company culture where your employees feel appreciated and fulfilled, they are more likely to feel satisfied at work. By improving culture, you can: Reduce turnover Improve productivity Highlight your company as a great place to work However, creating your company culture can take work. Like many business owners, you may not know where to begin. If you’re thinking about taking steps to improve your company culture, here are a few key areas to consider. Employee Engagement When it comes to great company culture, employee engagement plays a very important role. When employees feel engaged and invested at

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The Benefits of a Return-to-Work Program for Employers and Injured Employees

When an employee suffers from an on-the-job injury, their recovery and return-to-work process can be a stressful time for everyone. The injured employee might worry about job security while as a business owner or manager, you might have concerns about productivity, cost, and employee morale. Luckily, there is one thing that can make the process easier for everyone: an efficient return-to-work program for injured employees. What is a Return-to-Work Program? A return-to-work program is a program that brings injured employees back to work after a workplace accident or injury. It includes accommodations and modifications for the injured employee, allowing them to ease back into their previous role. For example, someone

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Three Key Steps for Creating a Workplace Safety Plan

When it comes to safety, it’s always good to have a plan! By creating an accessible and efficient safety plan for your employees, you keep your employees safe from on-the-job injuries and promote a culture or health and safety. Additionally, a safety plans protects your business from heavy fines, complex liability issues, and rising Workers’ Compensation costs. To get started on designing a great workplace safety plan, follow these three steps. Step 1: Figure Out Your Needs To get started on creating a workplace safety plan, think about the safety concerns or potential safety concerns facing your employees and workplace. For example, your employees may operate complex machinery or engaged

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