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3 Ways An Employee Handbook Improves The Workplace

If you want to improve productivity, promote safety, and have better communication with your employees, creating an employee handbook is a great place to start. What is an Employee Handbook? An employee handbook is an informative document, typically given to new employees when they come to join your team. They usually include information like: Details about your company, like a mission statement or outline of your core values A job description of the employee’s role Your expectations for the employee, such as dress code or goals specific to their role Summaries of perks and benefits, like a 401(k) plan Details of your company’s procedures and policies relating to health, safety,

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Tips for Successfully Interviews with Potential Employees

Job interviews can be very stressful—and not just for the interviewee! For business owners, team leaders, and others who deal with hiring new candidates, the hiring process can come with complications, pitfalls, and plenty of stress. Before your next interview, read up on these tips to help you ask the right questions, positively showcase yourself and your company, and successfully search for the best candidates. Familiarize Yourself with the Law Even before the interviewee arrives, you can prep for the interview by ensuring your questions are legal under state and federal law. For example, you might be prohibited from asking questions relating to health or disability under the Americans with

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4 Great Practices for Giving Constructive Feedback

When an employee is struggling with productivity or performance at work, a bit of constructive feedback from their manager, supervisor, or other company higher-up can make a big difference. However, it can be difficult to learn the skills for delivering helpful and truly constructive feedback, especially for those who are new to managing others. These four tips can help managers, supervisors, and others learn how to give constructive feedback that will address issues in a productive, positive way. Don’t Get Personal When giving feedback of any kind to an employee, be sure to stay focused on the issue at hand. Instead of making comments about the employee’s personality or other

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Are You Feeling the Winter Blues?

When the roads are icy, the skies are gray, and it seems like the season of heavy coats and dreary days will never end, it can be hard for employees to keep up their usual workplace morale. In fact, employee morale significantly decreases during the winter months, especially January and February. To help everyone in the office beat the “winter blues,” managers, supervisors, and other workplace leaders can follow these three tips to brighten morale even on the coldest days. Create a Welcoming Environment In the winter, everyone can use a little extra warmth and support! If you have in-office team members, consider offering occasional perks like free coffee or

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Is Facebook Advertising Right For You?

Facebook is a great tool for staying in touch with family and friends, but it can also help business owners connect with their local audience and attract new customers through Facebook advertising. However, you should consider the pros and cons of Facebook advertising to decide if it’s the right marketing fit for you. By utilizing Facebook advertising, you can reach a range of potential customers or clients. The settings allow you to focus on a specific area, like the zip code near your business, or cast a wider net that includes your entire county or city. You also have the opportunity to share your advertisements on certain Facebook-owned apps, like

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How Business Coaching Helps Managers and Workplace Leaders

For managers, supervisors, and others who hold leadership positions in the workplace, it can be difficult to develop or hone the necessary skills for leading a happy and productive team. If you’re a manager or other leader struggling to keep up with the challenges of handling your team, here are a few signs you may need the help of a business coach. You’re New to Your Role If this is your first time in a leadership role, new challenges are to be expected. You might have to develop skills in new areas, like in handling employee conflict, or hone skills that you didn’t frequently use in your previous non-management role.

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