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Brock started out in Insurance at a local insurance agency specializing in customer relationships and life insurance. After 4 years of learning the business, Brock decided that owning an exclusive agency was the route that best afforded him the ability to foster new relationships and provide for his growing family. After selling his agency in 2018 to focus on family and his aging parents, he decided on continuing his career in Commercial insurance. Commercial insurance has always been a fascination and desired modality to reach and affect business owners across our Metroplex.

Brock spends his spare time with his wife and kids, on their property in Magnolia which has a small town feel and plenty of space for the kiddos to grow up. When we aren’t in the pool, we are exploring the small town, playing with the kids and being involved with our Church.

Working with an incredibly talented team has made the transition tangible and exiting. Being a part of an organization dedicated to family, success and development have afforded us a unique opportunity to become an integral part of our community while providing customized insurance solutions.

LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/brock-lacy-a51b647/

Modern Insurance Partner


Rudy lives in Southern California with his 2 ½ year old Siberian Husky, Zeus. His 3 sons, Brandon, Michael and Christian are all very active and live nearby Dad. He’s very active with his friends, family and church.

He’s been blessed with joining the Modern Insurance Partners team / family, so he makes the time to give back to his local church, as well as quite a few charities in his community.

Insurance has been a part of his life approximately 15 years formally. However, he’s been partnering with P&C agency owners and producers for over 25 years. Including a three-year sales endeavor where he helped approximately 200 Allstate agencies in So Cal area, meet their sales goals.

After completing his six-year tour of duty in the U.S. Navy, Rudy began a 20-year career with ADP and ventured into his insurance career in 2005 as he entered his 20th year at ADP. Where he joined ADP Insurance Services to help launch the Pay-as-You-Go program, with his former Major Accounts sales team.

In his spare time, Rudy is either golfing, working out or getting his daily cardio steps in at his local park with Zeus. If he’s not golfing with his men’s club, you can find him on the golf course with his sons, or some of his business trusted advisors and or clients.

Rudy enjoys helping business owners with their insurance needs, making sure his team reviews their policy coverages and costs. Building a close relationship his clients ownership leadership team, is also a key factor in his consultative approach!