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Executive Risk Insurance Policies

Also known as Directors and Officers Liability (D &O) executive risk is a complicated and multi- faceted exposure for most companies.
Directors and Officers operate in a difficult environment – facing increasing claims severity and complex coverage issues. Directors or officers of any company, public or private, assume great personal risk and could be held personally liable for management actions. We recognize the importance of protecting your executives and have made it our business to understand the complexity of this critical line of coverage.
Officers within a company are exposed to potential liability for all of their actions – management decision-making, supervision and direction, employee activities with co-workers and others, and employee welfare and benefit plan administration and fiduciary activities. The extent of this personal financial exposure can differ to some degree by the role that the individual plays in an organization (officers or directors, fiduciaries or plan administrators, employees or independent contractors) but all have personal financial risk.
The company has its own liability exposure as well as its payment obligation for the exposures of individuals. This company exposure may be impacted by the organizational structure of the entity (public, private, non-profit, partnership or limited liability entity) but the exposure cannot be avoided.
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