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Products Liability Insurance

Product liability insurance protects businesses from the repercussions that occur in the event that a product causes injury or other damage to third parties.

Consumers can be harmed by how a product is designed, manufactured, marketed or misused. Even if a product is used improperly, your business could still be responsible for any damage that results.


Product liability insurance can help protect you in the event that your business faces a lawsuit to do the manufacture of a product. One law firm found the average jury award in product liability lawsuits in 2012 was $3,439,035, with the median award totaling $1,503,339.20. With an increase in claims and the high cost of lawsuits, product liability coverage has become one of the more important coverages for businesses that manufacture products.


Product liability insurance covers legal fees, medical costs, compensatory and business damages.

How much product liability insurance does your business need?


How much coverage to buy depends on the products and number of products you sell, as well as the number of parties involved in production.


Product liability insurance is necessary, even if your role in the manufacturing, sale or distribution process is marginal. If you are only involved with the sales and distribution chain, you could be sued for your role in the injury caused by a product. Speak with us today to make sure you’re sufficiently covered.

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