Tips for Managing Without Micromanaging

While it’s important for managers, supervisors, and other types of employers to be involved and communicative with their employees, no employee wants to feel like they’re being micromanaged. Micromanaging occurs when a boss or other supervisor closely observes and controls the work of their employees, often in a critical and unhelpful way that hinders the employee’s creativity, autonomy, and productivity. Luckily, employers can avoid micromanaging in a few simple ways.

Clearly Communicate

For managers or other employers who find themselves frequently getting involved in their employee’s tasks, clear communication can help. Instead of telling employees exactly how to do a project or intensely supervising their work, employers should communicate their clear expectations at the start of the project. This ensures that the employee knows what to do and what is expected, and the employer can feel confident that the project is being done in the right way.

Give Feedback

Instead of micromanaging by redoing projects or tasks themselves if they aren’t happy with an employee’s efforts, managers should give clear feedback. They should be clear about what wasn’t done correctly and work with the employee to find a solution, rather than taking over the project entirely. This helps the employee to grow and recognize their mistakes, and will hopefully prevent future, similar issues.

Check In, But Not Too Much

Micromanagers tend to want constant updates, even on little details. This can put extra stress on employees and can slow down work on important projects. To stay involved without micromanaging, supervisors should check in on important milestones on a project, or choose a specific day each week or month when they can get an update on progress. This keeps them aware of any important updates while still giving employees their own space to work.

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